Pro Model 500 Portable LED Light

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Pro Model 500 Portable LED Light

Pro Model 500 Portable LED Light
Pro Model 500 Portable LED Light is used for Dr. Kondrot’s detox program.

Use a Laser to Relieve Pain and Improve Bodily Function

The Pro Model 500 Portable LED Light can reduce pain among a variety of other benefits.

The Pain-X Pro Model 500 light therapy unit may help relieve pain, reduce swelling, decrease muscle tension and inflammation, improve range of motion, increase circulation, decrease muscle spasms, speed up wound healing and reduce treatment times. A Polychromatic Infrared Diode Therapy Book is included with all units.


  • Five LED Portable Probe
  • Three Wavelengths: (Infrared, Red, Green)
  • Treatment area: .44 Sq. In.
  • Dimensions: 4-1/2″ x 1″
  • mW power output: 90.4
  • 1 Joule = 2.5 seconds
  • Requires three AAA Batteries (Included)
  • Carrying case included.

Clinical Benefits:

  • Helps pain relief.
  • Helps increases speed, quality and strength of cell tissue repair.
  • Helps increases blood supply to the affected area.
  • Helps to reduces swelling.
  • Helps to stimulates immune system.
  • Helps to stimulates nerve conduction.
  • Helps generate new cells and tissue repair.
  • Helps to promotes faster wound healing and clot formation.
  • Can be used in conjunction with conventional and alternative therapy.
  • Helps develop collagen and muscle tissue.
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