Winter is here, and with every season there are certain things our body parts need to adapt. Cold weather takes away all the moisture from the air, which results in dry eyes. Keeping eyes moist in winter chill can prove to be a difficult task.

In cold temperatures, the outdoor, as well as the indoor air becomes dry, which results in dehydration and further leads to symptoms such as blurred vision, swelling, pain, burning sensation, teary eyes or scratchy feeling. Additionally, individuals spending most of their time in snowy conditions are at higher risk due to the damage that can be caused by sunlight reflected off the snow.

One of the general problem encountered in winters is a dry and itching eye. Consequently, such problems may hinder in your wintertime, here are some tips to follow for taking care of your eyes in extra-cold weather:

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink Plenty Of Water

No matter what the weather is, staying hydrated must be your top priority. Drinking plenty of water helps you in keeping the functioning of your organs including eyes perfect by rehydrating them. It’s therefore recommended to increase the intake of liquids during the winter season to prevent dehydration. In case you are a caffeine addict, you can switch to chrysanthemum or green tea, as they are hot and also highly beneficial for eyes.

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Wear Glasses

How To Take Care Of Eyes In Cold Weather?

Going outdoors in cold weather demands wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the drying effects of the wind. Popular activities during winter season include shoveling snow, skiing, and skating. You must ensure that you wear goggles or sunglasses while performing these activities to protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light.

Most people are unaware of the fact that exposure to sunlight in winters (especially regions with snow) is more harmful than summers. It’s because of the sun’s reflection on ice/snow, which can cause inflammation of the cornea, known as keratitis. It is responsible to make eyes sore, red and sensitive to light.

Warm Washcloth Compress

 Warm Washcloth Compress

It’s quite a mountainous task to wash our face with water in the winters. So, ho do we maintain proper moisture in our eyes during cold weather! Warm compresses are the answer to the above question. You can use a warm, damp compress for tear secretion in your eyes. It helps in creating the necessary moisture they need. Furthermore, this technique helps in treating irritated, swollen, and scratchy eyes.

Imply A Humidifier

Imply A Humidifier

People living in extra cold regions must comply with this advice of utilizing a humidifier as it’s the best thing for combating the dry indoor air. When the air turns too dry, your eyes dehydrate to an alarming level and your sinuses stop functioning properly. This further causes sinusitis, congestion, and irritated eyes. So, make sure you run your humidifier at least a cold winter nights, as that’s the time when they are most vulnerable to dry conditions.

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