End Your Burning and Itching Eyes Now!
Do you have?
  • Burning itching eyes?
  • Redness that will not go away?
  • Frustration with eye fatigue?
  •  Side Effects from eye drops?
  •  Searching for a solution?
Now at last! Allergy Desensitization Eye Drops
 My name is Dr. Edward Kondrot, the world's only Homeopathic Ophthalmologist. 

I have seen thousands of patients suffer from burning and itching eyes with no good solution. In fact, many patients have developed more serious complications, such as glaucoma, and cataracts, from conventional eye drops such as steroids. Others just become more dependant on eye drops and need them more and more frequently.

I have developed a special formulated homeopathic product that will not only treat the symptoms but the underly condition. I call this the  "Allergy Desensitization Eye Drops"

I invite you to end those burning and itching eyes now and forever. Begin to have the comfort with your vision to enjoy the beautiful world in your life.

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Product Overview
Allergy Desensitization Eye Drops stop allergy symptoms such as itching, burning, watering, edema and general ocular sensitivity. The drops are a sterile, non-preserved, pH balanced, isotonic solution containing four homeopathic active ingredients. Note: For non-allergic watering (tearing) secondary to dry eye, dispense our “Tear Stimulation Dry Eye Drops.”
Allium Cepa 6X- Indicated to relieve extreme symptoms of itching, burning and watering.

Apis 6X- Indicated to relieve inflammation with burning and stinging. Light sensitivity and swelling of the eyelids

Sabadilla 6X- Indicated to relieve hay fever symptoms

Euphrasia 4X- Indicated for conjunctival and corneal swelling. Symptoms include light sensitivity, watering and burning. Called the “Tonic for the eyes”
Allergy Treatment
Allergy is a chronic condition expressed as the body’s over-activity in triggering and carrying out the inflammation cascade leading to the symptoms of itching, burning, watering and  redness. Note that suppressing symptoms with steroids, mast cell stabilizers and antihistamines hinders the same processes which the body uses to fight bacteria and viruses. They also have the risk of adverse reactions/drug interactions and should be utilized after desensitization drops have been tried. Our drops contain microdilutions of ingredients which are known to cause allergy if ingested in large (toxic) doses. The body reacts by desensitization – itching, burning, watering and redness are quickly alleviated.

“I have been just delighted with the relief I have gotten from the eye drops!!!!! The extreme itching has ceased and my eyes fell so much better. I was telling a friend about the results and she wanted to try it also, as her eyes were just streaming from allergies. We both were amazed at the difference that they make. One of the things we were commenting on was the fact that they do not burn the eye when you apply the drops. Thank you!!!!!!!!” R.B., Redmond, OR

“My eye doctor gave me a bottle of your Allergy Eye Drops to try. I’ve worn contact lenses for 30 years and also suffer from allergies. Your product is by far the best I’ve ever used. My eyes no longer itch and my contacts are comfortable all day, your eye drops are truly a God send. Thanks for making a great quality product.” D.F., Trenton, MI
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