Continued Care Program

Patients always ask what to do after the one  year Restore Vision Program is completed? Can I continue to work with Dr. Kondrot? How can I keep up with all the new technologies to help my vision? Can my Microcurrent machine be reprogrammed?

The answer to this is our Continued Care Program! The program includes all the following benefits to help you!

  1. Comprehensive Re-evaluation when starting the program. Regular price $500.00
  2.  One  6 month follow up with Dr. Kondrot.  Regular price $200.00
  3. Unlimited reprogramming of eye protocol.  Regular price $100.00 each time
  4. One  additional program added to your MCS Machine (newer machines only) Regular price $100.00 per program.
  5. One year  of Monthly Coaching Calls with Dr. Kondrot by webinar. “ Priceless”
  6. One year telephone/email support to office.  $ 480.00
  7. One  time 20% off entire order coupon code that would be emailed to you.

 Our New continued care plan offers the above items for one year and costs $695.00, that’s a saving of at least  $ 700.00 off the regular service price!

Click here is sign up for the continued care Program!

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