Some of you might be wondering how focal scurvy can cause cataracts. Scurvy is characterized by generalized weakness, anemia, and a generalized breakdown of the integrity of the connective tissue throughout the body, which results in easy bleeding of the gums and into the soft tissues. What links scurvy and cataracts? We’ll discuss it further as you read through!

Scurvy Can Cause Cataracts, A Rare But Terrible Problem

How Does Scurvy Affect the Body?

How Does Scurvy Affect the Body? | How Does Focal Scurvy Cause Cataracts?
The primary cause of scurvy is a deficiency of vitamin C in the diet. The most pertinent issue in scurvy-ridden patients is uncontrollable hemorrhaging due to problems with collagen integrity. Deaths following contracting scurvy are often in relation to hemorrhaging or the festering of infected sores.

Is Scurvy Still a Problem Today?

Is Scurvy Still a Problem Today? | How Does Focal Scurvy Cause Cataracts?
In today’s world, even the poorest of diets contain enough vitamin C to prevent this flagrant expression of scurvy. However, scurvy rarely ever occurs anymore. Many packaged foods have enough vitamin C as a preservative to keep classical scurvy at bay, and when rare cases of such scurvy do occur, they are seldom correctly diagnosed and treated before resulting in death from malnutrition or infection.

How Does Focal Scurvy Cause Something As Specific As Cataracts?

How Does Focal Scurvy Cause Something As Specific As Cataracts? | How Does Focal Scurvy Cause Cataracts?
It’s easy to assume that a vitamin C deficiency in one area is an indication of an overall deficiency in the body, however, this is not always the case. In fact, if an organ disease is found from a substantial vitamin C deficiency, the rest of the body is most likely low in vitamin C as well, just not as low as in the diseased organ.

Focal scurvy in the mouth produces periodontal disease. Moreover, focal scurvy in the lining of the heart arteries produces atherosclerosis. Additionally, this condition that manifests in the bones produces osteoporosis. Also, focal scurvy in different areas of the brain produces Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Given these, focal scurvy in the lens of the eye causes cataracts.

A Vitamin C Deficiency in the Lenses of the Eyes Results in Cataracts

When a cataract develops the levels of ascorbic acid decrease in the aqueous humor that surrounds and bathes the lens with nutrients and oxygen. The most effective method of cataract treatment involves supplementation of ascorbic acid as well as glutathione.

Can Increasing Vitamin C Intake Help Cure Cataracts?

Can Increasing Vitamin C Intake Help Cure Cataracts? | How Does Focal Scurvy Cause Cataracts?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to take oral vitamin C much higher than 3 to 5 grams a day. Any amount greater than this can lead to significant gastrointestinal distress which can be quite unpleasant. However, this does not mean that vitamin C should be eliminated completely as an option for treatment.

Vitamin C Therapy

Vitamin C Therapy | How Does Focal Scurvy Cause Cataracts?
The treatment of cataracts is done through the administration of vitamin C intravenously. This usually involves quite an increased quantity of vitamin C (25-100 grams). The treatment is done once a day for a total of five days. This method of administration allows for more vitamin C to be introduced into the body while also avoiding any problems involving gastrointestinal irritation.


Still curious about scurvy as a cause of cataracts? Watch this video by VHFILM!

How Does Focal Scurvy Cause Cataracts?

It is a very recent discovery that focal scurvy can cause cataracts. This discovery proved to be a turning point in understanding the underlying metabolic causes of cataracts. It can help act as a springboard for new breakthroughs in developing methods to prevent cataract formation.

For more information, I would suggest reading Dr. Thomas Levy’s book, Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins

What do you think about focal scurvy contributing to cataract formation? Let us know in the comments below!

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