Difference between Progressive Lenses Versus Bifocals

As we age, our eyes become less flexible resulting in close up objects appear out of focus. This eyesight problem is referred to as presbyopia. A set of reading glasses is likely all you need to correct this issue (If in case, you do not already wear prescription...

Various Types Of Cataracts

Cataracts are a clouding of the natural lens of the eye. The lens sits behind your pupil, that’s the black ‘dot’ at the middle of our eye. As there spreads a cataract, the lens will become more and more opaque. This means that light may be prevented...
What Are Optical Illusions And Do They Exist In Real?

What Are Optical Illusions And Do They Exist In Real?

The human visual system is a complex matter, it’s because of these complexities only that this unique system tends to make some mistakes too. Illusions, which are quite simple in design yet deceptive to our brains, causing us to see fallibility expose this. As per...
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