Dr. Kondrot Leaving for Paris!

I will begin a 2 year course of studies  in Paris France with Dr. Christian Agrapart, who physician and neuro-psychiatrist and President and founder of UN recognized CEREC (European Center for Research on Energetic Medicine and Colour), an international institute...

Are cataracts a form of focal scurvy?

Most people think of vitamin C deficiency associated with a rare condition called Scurvy. Scurvy is characterized by generalized  weakness, anemia, and a generalized breakdown of the integrity of the connective tissue throughout the body, resulting in easy bleeding of...

Ozone in the news!

I attended the IV World Oxygen and Ozone Congress , September 26- 28,  2013, Rome, Italy.  Twenty-seven nations were represented and over ninety-five presentations were given on the positive effects of Ozone. Topics on ozone’s positive effect on Cancer, Heart disease,...

My retina is wrinkled!

I was diagnosed with eye degeneration six years ago at age 65, and I’m a woman. Four years ago, I developed a “macular pucker” in my left eye.  Medically it’s called a epiretinal membrane.   It’s a condition that happens more women than men, and usually, in our 60‘s,...

Update from the World Ozone Meeting

IV World Oxygen and Ozone Congress September 26- 28, 2013 Rome Italy 27 nations were represented and over 95 presentations on the positive effects of Ozone!               Dr Kondrot giving his presentation in Rome These included topics on: Cancer Heart disease Obesity...
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