The big lie in glaucoma treatment Webinar!

Learn what treatments work and why your current treatment might be ineffective and even dangerous to your health and vision. Glaucoma is a serious disease and proper treatment is necessary to prevent vision loss. Lowering eye pressure by using drops, laser or surgery,...

3 steps to reverse Cataracts!

I started out as an eye surgeon. I felt there wasn’t any disease I couldn’t cut and put back together again. My philosophy has changed ever since homeopathy cured me of a severe case of asthma when traditional western doctors said nothing could be done. I’ve been...

Ozone in the treatment of Eye Disease-Update

I was a featured speaker at the SOPMED Meeting at Snowbird Resort in Utah June 2015 It was an amazing meeting with experts in the fields of Microcurrent, ozone therapy and light therapy. The focus on the meeting was utilizing ozone and I want to share with you a way...
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