Winners of the AHIMA Dinner with Suzanne Somers!

Dr. Kondrot Celebrates Suzanne Somers’ Commitment to Alternative Healthcare
On May 1st, the Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA) Dinner and Awards Ceremony honored Suzanne Somers with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions in helping the public understand more about alternative healthcare options.
As the Vice President for AHIMA, I purchased seats at a table for this amazing event and held a contest for readers of my Healing the Eye Newsletter to join me!  Contest entries needed to include a letter explaining why they should be chosen to attend the event and we received many interesting responses!  In the end, two individuals (Jacqueline Querns and Sherry Lemen) were chosen as the winners and we had a fabulous evening together!

Winners of the AHIMA Dinner with Suzanne Somers!
Sherry Lemen, Dr. K and Jacqueline Querns
Winners of the AHIMA Dinner with Suzanne Somers!
Ly, Dr. Kondrot and Suzzane Somers
Winners of the AHIMA Dinner with Suzanne Somers!
Barb and Dr. O

Suzanne Somers looked radiantly beautiful and healthy at the event.  She was extremely articulate and really moved the crowd with her heartfelt, inspirational and emotionally engaging personal stories.  You can learn more about Suzanne, her commitment to alternative healthcare and why AHIMA celebrated her achievements at the following link:

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