wrinkled retinaI was diagnosed with eye degeneration six years ago at age 65, and I’m a woman. Four years ago, I developed a “macular pucker” in my left eye.  Medically it’s called a epiretinal membrane.   It’s a condition that happens more women than men, and usually, in our 60‘s, onward.  My regular ophthalmologist told me there was nothing that could be done about my deteriorating eye conditions.  That I would develop “low vision,” as a result.
I simply didn’t believe that anything couldn’t be done about my eye conditions, and sought out alternative medicine specialist, Dr. Edward C. Kondrot, Ophthalmologist. I went to his Healing the Eye and Wellness Center in Dade City, Florida.  He not only gave me hope, but my condition in my eyes has changed amazingly and for the better in the last seven months by utilizing his protocols.  Before seeing him, I had 30 microns of eye tissue that was pulling away from my macula in one year.  The next year, it was 15 more microns, a total of 45 microns, which gave me low vision.  My other two eye doctors said it would continue to worsen with time and age.  And then I used Dr. Kondrot’s protocols.
I just saw my regular ophthalmologist on September 25, 2013 and he looked at my eyes.  I asked him to tell me what he saw in his examination.  He said, “Healthy blood vessels.”  And then he said, “Did someone tell you that you had macular degeneration?”  I had said yes, I was originally diagnosed with it six years ago.  He said that my epi retinal (macular pucker) was almost flat!  A Macular pucker looks like a bulging pimple protruding from the back of the eye.  The fact that it was flat meant my retinal tissue was no longer stretched, swollen or broken, causing vision loss.  Flat is good!   Not only that, I had my 20/20 vision back!
My retinal ophthalmologist, on September 27, 2013, confirmed what my other doctor did: that I was stable, that I had healthy blood vessels.  Before I started the protocol from Dr. Kondrot, my eye conditions had continued to deteriorate, losing more and more of my vision.
My retinal specialist just smiled and said, “See you in a year.  You are stable”.  No, he will not see me in a year!  And I will continue to work on the protocols Dr. Kondrot gave me until I get it perfect for my eyes, which are healing from these two conditions.  There is HOPE and HELP for us with eye issues.  I’m living  proof of it.
CF, Wisconsin, USA

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