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Alternative Treatments of Cataract Webinar

Would like to learn the latest alternative treatments of cataract? Begin now to save and improve your vision!

1) Can eye drops cure cataracts?
2) What eye drops are effective!
3) Light therapy might be the next big advance in treating cataracts!
4) Why Cataract surgery might lead to macular degeneration and why this should be your last resort. How to prevent this if you need cataract surgery!!
5) A 10 second test to find out if you are deficient in this key mineral that is linked to blindness!
6) How the simply act of drinking enough water can improve eyesight!
And much more!

You must attend Dr. Kondrot’s one hour Alternative Treatments of Cataract Webinar for only $19.95

In addition, get 3 FANTASTIC Bonuses, including the 10 Essentials to Save Your Vision Report, Subscription to Dr. Kondrot’s Monthly Newsletter and a copy of the Radio Interview with Prof. Peskin, “Fish Oils Might be Causing Blindness”.

PLUS, Dr. Kondrot will donate $10.00 of every order to the Restore Vision Foundation an Arizona Non Profit Corporation.

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Alternative Treatments of Cataract Webinar – $19.95
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