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If  you are new to our web site and would like to learn more about alternative therapies for eye disease I would suggest taking time to view our special  Webinar , The 10 Essentials to Save Your Sight!

If you would like a personal touch I would be happy to do a consultation with you to discuss your eye condition. I would need a copy of the last eye exam with photographs. You can contact the office at to schedule this.

We also offer several  treatment programs.

Dr. Kondrot’s Complete One Year Program to restore vision.

We now have over 20 doctors trained to do the Kondrot Program

Get Started with Microcurrent Program to help you quickly get started on this treatment

We also offer one week treatment program to help you to improve your vision.
Please call the office for more information on this program

Vitamins that Dr. Kondrot recommends!

The office can give you more info on this  352-588-0477/ 800-430-9328

To your good health and clear vision!