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Neo40® DAILY (60 lozenge box)

Neo40 DAILY (60 lozenge box)
Nitric Oxide Restoration System. You do not have to be under a physician care for this product.

Created at the University of Texas Therapeutic Institute, the Neo40® patented technology delivers a 2-phase nitric oxide (N-O) restoration system. In phase one, the unique oral lozenge actually generates therapeutic N-O gas in the first 10 minutes of being dissolved. Supporting nutrients help perpetuate N-O generation, particularly through the nitrate-nitrite-N-O pathway, the body’s alternate pathway for N-O production. This pathway is imperative when endothelial production of N-O through L-arginine is impaired (i.e. chronic conditions associated with endothelial dysfunction and oxidative stress). In phase two, N-O permeates the system, and supporting nutrients assist to help restore the body’s own N-O production.