Continued Care Program. Your Vision Future Program!

Patients always ask what do I do after my one year program is completed?

Can I continue to work with Dr. Kondrot? The answer to this is our Continued Care Program! The Answer to Your Long Term Vision Needs!  Continue the proven benefits of the Kondrot Program

 Our New continued care plan offers the following items and enables you to work closely with Dr. Kondrot

1. Repeat  boot camp at the center twice a year. Includes Comprehensive Re-evaluation, testing, daily IV therapies, Cold laser and PEMF therapies, oxydative treatments, Homeopathic consult etc.   $5000 per boot camp X 2 a year =$10,000 a year

2. 3 month telephone follow ups. $500 Value a year

3. Unlimited reprogramming of your microcurrent machine.  $300 Value a year

4. 20% off all Conferences at the Florida Wellness Center. One conference save  $140 a year

5. One year telephone/email support to office. $500 Value a year

6. Monthly eye protocol vitamins   $1918 Value a year

7. Monthly Homeopathic Remedy. $359 Value a year

Total value a year  $13, 717 or   $1143/ month
Special price reduction to enable you to continue your care with Dr.Kondrot – Continued care is only  $500/month

“I want it easy and affordable for all  patients why have completed the Kondrot Restore Vision Program to continue to receive the benefits. I am disheartened by many patients who have stopped treatments that initially have benefited them. I want to be your coach and cheerleader to help you back on track to regain your lost vision”.  Dr. Kondrot

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