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Begin Detoxing Heavy Metals Now!

I have been finding that many patients are having a marginal or poor response to alternative treatments because of elevated heavy metals. The treatment of heavy metals has become an important therapy in all patients that are under my care.

The first step is find out what heavy metals are elevated and then begin some type of chelation treatment.  The best way to evaluate heavy metals is a Urine Challenge test. Unless you are actively being exposed to heavy metals a simple urine test will be negative. You need to take a chelating agent to bind the heavy metals that are locked in your bone, fat, brain and eye and make them more soluble to be excreted in the urine.  During the urine challenge test you are given several capsules of a chelating agent based on your weight then you begin to collect your urine.

Methods of chelation are Intravenous, rectal and oral. The most effective is intravenous but more and more alternative doctors are considering oral agents. Over the past several years I have worked on formulating an oral product that designed for helping remove heavy  metals and benefit the health of your eye.