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Welcome to “Healthy Vision,” the talk radio show to help you conquer your vision loss. Dr. Edward Kondrot is a board-certified ophthalmologist and homeopathic doctor, author of four bestselling books. “Healthy Vision” is dedicated to bringing you the latest information for a lifetime of healthy sight, and to help you conquer your eye problems.

Dr. Kondrot: Good evening, everyone. Welcome to “Healthy Vision.” I’m here every Sunday evening to help you learn more about new therapies for your eye and to help you with your vision problem.

This evening, I’m really pleased to announce that my good friend, Dr. Dennis Courtney, is with me. This will be a special program.

Many of you know I have a lot of projects for 2016. I’m in the process of writing two books. My teaching and traveling schedule is very intense, and I really don’t want to give up my Healing the Eye program. There’s been such a demand for this program, and I was torn between giving the program up for a year and trying to find someone who could fill in to help me with the program.

The perfect person for that is Dr. Dennis Courtney. He’s been doing my program for several years. I really respect him as a physician. In fact, he has taught me many of the things I am now doing in terms of integrative therapy, like oxidative treatments and chelation therapy. He is a perfect person to resume doing my program in Florida. Just to let you know, I will still be there in terms of reviewing your charts and monitoring your progress.

Dr. Courtney, it’s great to have you on the show.

Dr. Courtney: It’s so nice to be invited to this show. I really appreciate it, and I’m honored by the lead-in description of me. I am looking forward to participating in helping to keep the program going down in the Florida area and keeping it going in the place it needs to be, which is in your office, Ed. It all started there.

There aren’t many of us who have been trained to do your program outside of there, but I would hate to think you were contorted about what to do about that time loss for any time, especially if it’s for a year. I’m glad to see that for as long as you want, I intend to help you, to offer these programs and keep them in-house at your facility.

As you mentioned, you’re involved with every one of these eye programs very personally. You know each of the patients participating in all of your programs anywhere in the country. Although it may not be physical and you may not be there in the flesh, your direction, guidance and intervention will be a hand-stamp on every single patient who attends one of these programs, just as it does wherever they may be presented throughout the country.

Dr. Kondrot: I wanted to give the listeners a little background information, especially for those people who may have never heard of the eye program.

I started out as a board-certified ophthalmologist doing a lot of surgery and treating eye disease in the traditional way. In fact, at one time in my life, I thought there wasn’t any eye condition that I couldn’t cut, rearrange and put back together to improve vision.

I developed severe asthma and almost died twice. When alternative therapies cured me of my asthma, I said, “I have to look at this in terms of treatment of eye disease.” That was the start of the program.

I began to look at the underlying cause using homeopathy, natural treatments. By golly, the results were exceptional. There’s a large segment of people who need these alternative treatments. We have to look at the underlying cause of their eye problem, whether it’s macular degeneration, glaucoma or cataracts.

Because of the success of the program, I really wanted to get my ophthalmology colleagues involved. Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much interest. The next logical step would be to take competently trained integrative and alternative doctors like you who may not have all the knowledge when it comes to the eye. You’re not a trained ophthalmologist, but you understand the body, functional medicine and integrative medicine, and the things that have to be done to turn around a lot of these eye conditions.

You become involved with the eye program. How long ago was that?

Dr. Courtney: That was July 2013. I began to offer your program in my hometown, which happened to be your hometown too in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Dr. Kondrot: When we started, I was actually doing the program in your office. You were an observer.

Dr. Courtney: That went on for six or eight years. Every time you came to Pittsburgh to work with a new group of patients who wanted to be treated with your skillset, you usually called upon me to help you do the actual modalities while you provided the expertise for the assessments.

I’ve always marveled, even in those early days, on how effective your programs were. I still marvel at them to this very day. For your listeners who suffer very serious retinal diseases that have little to no conventional treatment to reverse and correct their vision, you’ve developed a way to accomplish that in three days. How miraculous it is to pull that off, only to find out that because the program is so well put together, someone equally trained is able to get those same results.

I appreciate all the training you gave me, Dr. Kondrot. I’m looking forward, even in your absence, to make certain that the Ed Kondrot Program gets carried out as you intended it to.

After a number of years now under my belt, I can assure the listeners and anybody who might become a potential patient in your program that the results will not suffer because Ed isn’t there in the flesh. The program is so solid that you can anticipate wonderful and substantial improvement in a very short period of time.

Dr. Kondrot: I have to smile because when the integrative doctors I trained started to do the program, my greatest fear was that they would not get good results and that patients would be unhappy. It’s been surprising that many of the doctors, including yourself, are getting as good – if not better – results. I think the reason for that is you are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to a lot of these alternative therapies which support the eye and can turn around someone’s vision.

We’re not looking at doing an eye exam and doing laser or surgery on the eye. We’re addressing the underlying problem. What are the contributing factors that are causing the loss of vision? When you treat the whole body and institute these therapies, then you see a miraculous improvement.

When we come back, let’s break down the program for people who are new to the program. It is a weeklong program. You arrive the day before the treatment for some pre-treatment testing. We’re very thorough in terms of evaluating your vision, your contrast, your visual fields, etc. Then you undergo three intensive days of treatment. We’ll talk about the modalities we use. At the end of the week, we do a repeat testing to see how well you’ve responded to the therapies.

Those of you listening who might be interested in learning more, you can go to my website, www.HealingTheEye.com, or give our office a call at (800) 430-9328.

When we come back, I’m going to talk with Dr. Courtney about his early days doing the program, his initial trepidation in doing the program and how things evolved. We’ll go into each one of the modalities that are being done. They include microcurrent, which you’ve heard quite a bit about on the radio show. It’s one of the most powerful modalities to turn someone’s lost vision around. We’re also going to talk about oxidative and IV therapies. We’ll be right back after this break.

Welcome back to “Healthy Vision.” With me is Dr. Dennis Courtney. We’re talking about the Kondrot Eye Program and how it can help you improve your vision, and not only your vison but also to help you make some changes that will improve your general health.

Dennis, let’s talk a little bit about the early days when you first heard about the Kondrot Program and then when all of a sudden you were actually doing the program in your office.

Dr. Courtney: Over the many years you came to Pittsburgh, I was certainly more than mildly intrigued on how effective your programs were. When I really took a look at it, I was doing most of the modalities before I met you, some which you mentioned I may have even taught you. I was never getting the kind of results you got with eyes, and it was bothersome to me how Dr. Kondrot could get such great results with the eyes with things I’d been using for years. I think I found out what the secrets were, but you have to be commended on what you brought to the table.

I’m going to tell the listeners that the key piece and the beauty behind what you’re able to do with your programs is centered on microcurrent. Although you didn’t discover microcurrent, you were the first and only ophthalmologist to put microcurrent into the hands of patients, and you’re able to get these results so quickly.

In combination with your microcurrent, your real addition is with all the other modalities that I’ve been comfortable with for years, which enabled me to feel comfortable about starting out when I was doing these programs myself. I was a little apprehensive. A lot was riding on it because I certainly wouldn’t want to have had a lesser degree of results than you did.

Lo and behold, it’s been many years now, and I do these programs each and every month. The results are pretty much directly on par with your own. It’s because the program was so powerful to begin with that even people who might not be ophthalmologists can get the same excellent results for their patients as if they were ophthalmologists.

I’m going to take my hat off to you. You’ve provided me with a new perspective and a new career outlook that I had never been anticipating before. It’s been a lot of fun.

Dr. Kondrot: You bring up a really good point. There are a lot of alternative, integrative doctors doing oxidative treatments and IV therapy for macular degeneration, glaucoma and other eye problems, but they’re just not getting that immediate profound result. It may take six months to a year.

When you add microcurrent, that seems to act as a catalyst. Looking at your own practice, you probably treated hundreds of people who came to you over the years for macular degeneration, etc. and wanted some alternative treatment. You did the oxidative treatments, the nutritional IVs and the heavy metal detox, but the results weren’t that dramatic until you added the microcurrent.

Dr. Courtney: That sums it up. People always improved overall from any of the modalities we were using, but it was truly the ability to bring the microcurrent component into these programs that allows us to have such dramatic turnarounds in very short periods of time.

The entire program done at your Florida office is a week, but the actual days of doing the work are three days. In my mind, it still remains the miraculous wonder that I thought it once was when I first learned of it. I enjoy meeting patients on Day 1. They’re usually very apprehensive when I first meet them. In many cases, they’re quite fearful of where their vision has deteriorated to. They’re not happy people. They’re very anxious. One can certainly understand why.

I see them leave that office at the conclusion with smiles from ear to ear, knowing that the terrible consequence of their disease is not a death sentence. It is actually able to be worked with like any other disease if you have the right tools to do it. I believe, Ed, that you came up with the tools. I thank you very much.

Dr. Kondrot: The other gratifying thing is that they go home with these modalities. They go home with the microcurrent machine and a way of doing oxidative treatments so they can continue their therapies. It’s not like they have to come back to the office every week or every month. We give them the tools they can use at home to continue to get an improvement of their vision. That’s empowering for the patients. We show them that these things can turn their vision around, and then they take these modalities home.

Why don’t we talk about each one of the modalities which are really key? I’m going to throw the ball to your end of the court. Maybe you can explain what exactly microcurrent is and how this modality seems to make a difference.

Dr. Courtney: I’ll be more than happy to take from the master the opportunity to explain it. Everything I’ve learned about microcurrent has literally come from you.

The fact is that the use of an electrical activity in a medical sense is not a new concept. The use of microcurrent, very step-down levels of electrical current based in millionths of an amp, has allowed the body to have energy put into it that’s in sync and in harmony with the normal flow of energy through it.

When we’re able to use microcurrent, we can revive tissues that aren’t functioning well by using certain frequencies that have to be programed for each and every individual. They are unique to that individual and to that individual’s eye problem.

In concert with one another, electrical current with the right frequencies that provide healing, and harmonious tissue activity can encourage very diseased tissue to become very healthy very rapidly.

That was a miraculous stroke of genius on your part to understand the microcurrent was available for the taking. You took it. You developed it. You ran with it, and it’s the signature item that allows patients to do as well as they do in three days.

The way I normally put it with my patients is when we’ve concluded their three-day program, they haven’t ended anything. They are at the beginning of a whole host of additional improvements that start the day they leave.

As you already mentioned, they’re going home with all of these modalities in hand. They’re able to do the exact same program at home that they have just been taught to use in three days while doing the program in the office. This is why the results get even better as time goes on. Their ability to use the devices and these activities ensure that they’re not going to stay where they were when they left us. They’re going to continue to improve.

Dr. Kondrot: We’re coming up to another break. When we come back, I want to focus on another really important modality we do. That is trying to improve the nutritional state. We’ve all heard you really have to change your diet and eat organic. Many people we see are so nutritionally deficient that we need to look at intravenous replacement of a lot of these nutritional key ingredients. Part of the program is a Myers cocktail. When we come back, we’ll talk a little bit about that and how important it is to get the essential minerals up.

You have an interesting theory that you actually test each one of the essential minerals. In fact, I learned that from you. I began to do that in my practice too because you have to get these minerals up to a functioning level, or the body is not going to heal. We’ll talk a little bit about the mineral testing you do and the intravenous therapy called the Myers cocktail. We’ll be right back after this break.

Welcome back to “Healthy Vision.” Dr. Courtney, let’s talk about the importance of minerals and getting the nutritional state up to a good level in order for the microcurrent to work more effectively.

Dr. Courtney: Tissue cannot work right if there are any deficiencies at all, whether that’s vitamin, mineral or just plain good nutrition. If those elements are not provided to cells, those cells aren’t going to work.

If you’ve stumbled across the person at a time in their life now as they’re aging and developing eye diseases, these eye diseases are a direct result of deficiencies that have accrued over an entire lifetime. One would be hard-pressed to nurture tissue back to full health without correcting their deficiencies.

As you have mentioned, we take an intravenous route initially to try to boost these people in a short period of time because we’re meeting them in a compressed period of three or four days, and we want to bypass the gut by placing these nutrients. We should call it a Kondrot cocktail because Dr. Myers who the cocktail is named after has long since departed.

Dr. Ed, you came up with a whole host of important nutrients that we all use in our Myers cocktail – or Dr. Kondrot cocktail – and we’re going to administer that every day while somebody is at the office starting their program to jumpstart their nutrition. We’ll teach them how to handle their meals and nutrients when they get home. We’ll also encourage them to get further Myers cocktails by competent IV doctors when they do get home.

Nutrition is a very important part of the Kondrot Program. As part of that, minerals – and there are many of them – play a role in the metabolic reactions that occur in all tissue. You can almost take to the bank that mineral deficiencies are at the seat of the beginning of any eye disease, or any other disease for that matter.

We stumbled across a way to detect how deficient somebody is by using a certain taste test. The body has the innate ability to let you know by how you taste things whether you’re deficient or abundant in them.

On Day 1, we test people for these minerals and get them established on a regimen to replace the minerals as a certain daily activity all unique to itself. I believe we do a bang-up job in a very rapid way by taking someone’s nutrition in terms of how they prepare their meals, and correcting their deficiencies to allow tissue to function because all the right ingredients are going to be provided to it.

Dr. Kondrot: It’s really interesting because for the longest time, I was focused mainly on zinc. There have been a lot of national studies that show a zinc deficiency will lead to macular degeneration. In fact, the ARED study in 2001 showed that zinc supplementation will reduce the incidence of macular degeneration by close to 20 percent. It was a shocking study.

Dennis, you were the one who emphasized to me that we have to be testing all of the minerals. When you balance all these minerals, you can have a more dramatic improvement of vision. In fact, you have seen a reversal of cataracts by balancing the minerals and doing some of these electromagnetic treatments, like microcurrent or pulsed electromagnetic field, which is really a great discovery on your part.

Dr. Courtney: I sort of stumbled across it, but I was pleased to find out the moment we put these minerals in play and started to correct them that even better things over and above the Kondrot Program as I knew it were even possible. Of course, I shared them with you immediately. You’re including and incorporating them in your programs. I hope most of the other doctors who do the programs will do the same.

You can’t justify any mineral deficiencies. You have to replace them all. You were right about the zinc, Dr. Kondrot. As much as I test for zinc, I have yet to come across a patient with eye issues that had anything but a major deficiency in zinc. You were right on with that.

There are many other minerals that have to be corrected too. I believe once they’re all corrected, or at least the process is started, these tissues can function normally again. It does nothing more than add to the effectiveness of a Dr. Ed Kondrot Program. The effectiveness was adequate before, but I always like to see if we can improve on anything. It’s happening.

Dr. Kondrot: The other mineral I pay particular attention to, especially in patients with glaucoma, is chromium. There have been studies that show that glaucoma patients have a deficiency in chromium. This is something we have to look at.

You discovered that balancing the essential minerals can help eliminate the toxic heavy metals that we’re always concerned about. Maybe we can talk a little bit about the balance between the essential minerals and the toxic heavy metals that we look at, the mercury, cadmium, lead and all these toxic minerals that are really affecting the health of the eye.

Dr. Courtney: That’s the other side of the coin. Once you replace all the minerals, finally you’re able to jettison all the toxic metals. That’s the other half of the equation.

I’ve always said that tissue doesn’t function if it’s deficient in certain things or when it’s exposed to too toxic of an environment. You have to do both. You have to add in what’s missing and remove what’s overabundant. You can do it in a natural way.

I think we’ve stumbled across a thing I refer to as natural chelation. We don’t have to use harsh IV or even oral substances. Chelation, the removal of these toxic substances, can be accomplished in a very natural, non-stringent and nontoxic way. Some of these things we would have used as doctors, we can now avoid. I believe when we can avoid them, we should. I’ll be doggone if that hasn’t worked out to be exactly the case.

Dr. Kondrot: We’re using not only the traditional urine testing, but we’re also doing an OligoScan, which I think might be more accurate than our six-hour urine testing where you’re measuring intracellular minerals. It’s not only essential minerals, but you’re also measuring the toxic heavy metals quality through a simple skin test using spectrophotometry measuring the superficial layer of the skin.

Dr. Courtney: I believe that’s another great addition. It’s always helpful for the doctors to have a good roadmap laid out in front of them so as to know what they’re up against. There’s a combination of all these ways to replace minerals, find out which ones are deficient and find out wat you’re toxic in. This all can be done with relatively great ease in one of your programs. Starting on Day 1, it does nothing more than make me feel better about being able to get patients to the optimization of their vision and restore their lost vision now.

Dr. Kondrot: We give them guidance because if they are deficient in certain minerals, they’ll be taking those supplements over a period of time. Then we can recheck them when they come back because the program includes a six-month visit and supporting telephone calls during the course of time, or coaching calls to make sure they’re sticking with all the parameters and taking all the vitamins and nutritional supplements.

We’re coming up to another break. When we come back, I want to talk about another really important aspect of the program. That’s the oxidative treatments. I have to give you credit, Dr. Courtney, because you’re the one who taught me how to do IV hydrogen peroxide, which stimulated my inner self to get certified in ozone therapy. I think this is an important part, and we’re going to address that when we come back after the break.

Welcome back to “Healthy Vision.” With me is Dr. Dennis Courtney. This is your host, Dr. Kondrot. I’m here every Sunday evening to give you information on ways to improve your vision and to keep you healthy.

Dr. Courtney, let’s finish the broadcast by talking about another amazing modality which we have found a lot of success in reversing eye problems, although this therapy is more of a long-term investment. You were seeing improvement after three to six months. That is oxidative treatments. Maybe you could explain exactly what these oxidative treatments are.

Dr. Courtney: Oxygen is obviously a very healthy component for any tissue to work optimally. What was interesting to bring to my attention was that oxygen could be made to be even more medicinal than plain oxygen would.

Regular oxygen is O2. Most people know that. It is possible to get a third oxygen molecule onto O2 to make this stuff called ozone. Ozone is highly reactive with tissue. It takes diseased tissue and restores the function of the mitochondria of that tissue to allow it to function as it may have done 20 or 30 years ago.

Most of the patients we treat for eye diseases are not 20 or 30 years old. They’re usually finding these problems as part of aging. To take tissue and have it be able to reverse time that much through the use of a therapy that is easily administered in office setting intravenously certainly captured my attention.

There are a couple of ways of administering it. You can literally expose ozone to blood. That is one of the ways we use it in my office. We give all that blood that we’ve just removed about 10 minutes beforehand back to a patient once we’ve ozonated it.

Another way is to give hydrogen peroxide in IV in a very dilute form. If anybody has ever poured hydrogen peroxide on a wound, what they see is the wound fizzing up. It gets very effervescent. That effervescence is pure oxygen being released when you catalyze H2O2, which is hydrogen peroxide, into its two components, H2O and O2.

We have two unique ways, using ozone itself or using hydrogen peroxide to bring tissue back to a level of functioning that has long past them. It can be revived once again. Including that as part of your program now is front and center. We use it in all cases, and it is extremely safe. All these materials are extremely safe, and so is IV hydrogen peroxide. If you think of its two component parts being water and oxygen, how much safer could you get?

Dr. Kondrot: There’s another thing that I think is really important. We like to empower patients. A lot of these oxidative treatments are done in the office. They’re intravenous or mixing the blood.

We do have a way you can do these oxidative treatments at home. It’s called rectal insufflation. It’s a very simple procedure, and many of the patients who go through the Kondrot Program have purchased their own ozone generator and are doing daily rectal insufflation treatments. Dr. Courtney, do you want to talk a little bit about how this has really changed the way we’re now doing oxidative treatments?

Dr. Courtney: Whenever you’re in an office environment and you have IV access, it makes perfectly good sense to utilize the office environment to do the job as expertly as you can.

What you brought to the table was the ability for patients to take the treatment home, no matter what the treatment is, and get the benefit at home as well as, if not equal to, what they got in the office.

I have to commend you. You figured out a way through the use of these ozone generators, which are modestly priced and within the reach of patients, to go home and allow a rectal introduction of ozone into the colon. It’s highly vascularized. That colon is able to react with the ozone just like other tissues and allow O3 to be taken up within the very tissues of the human body without using IV approaches.

I commend you for making that adjustment and allowing patients to continue that particular treatment at home every single day. They’re able to provide themselves with an ozonated therapy, which means they get their tissue revived with healthy oxygen well beyond when they leave us to do the program.

Dr. Kondrot: There are a few other noted alternative doctors. There’s Dr. Silvia Menendez from Cuba and an actual hospital in Cuba that already uses ozone therapy. She probably has the greatest experience treating thousands of patients with macular degeneration and glaucoma. She has published data with exceptional results, and her main modality is using the rectal insufflation.

I want to spend a little bit of time to share your role in the program. You’re going to come to Florida every month for a week to do the program. I’m going to be in the background reviewing every eye chart. We will have an optometrist on staff to help you evaluate some of the patients who come, especially when we have to keep a close monitor of their intraocular pressure or some other parameter.

You will be the general. You’re going to be implementing all the programs to make sure they’re getting the adequate microcurrent treatments, the right intravenous treatments and the oxidative treatments, and then you’re going to develop a treatment program along with myself. When they leave at the end of the week, they’re going to know exactly what they have to do to continue with the improvement of vision.

What really is amazing is that by far the majority of the people who go through the program will have a substantial improvement in vision. If you’re listening and your doctor told you there’s nothing that can be done to improve your vision, or if you had injections or surgery and you’re still having a decline in your vision, this is something you really have to look into. It is such an important program for people suffering with visual problems. Give the office a call to get more information. Our toll-free number is (800) 430-9328. You can go to our website, www.HealingTheEye.com for more information.

Dr. Courtney, I want to thank you so much for taking time not only to be on this radio show but really stepping up to the plate to help me out. I have unbelievable confidence that you are going to run an exceptional program in my office, so I want to thank you so much.

Dr. Courtney: Thank you for the invitation to allow me to do that. It shows you have great confidence in me. I won’t let you down. For those of you who may be kicking this idea around, I encourage you to go to the website to find out more. What you said a moment ago about being told by other doctors that nothing can be done would be the first thing you can erase from your mind. As you and I have both learned, there’s always something that can be done.

Dr. Kondrot: This is your host, Dr. Edward Kondrot, wishing all of you listening good health and clear vision.

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