Chelation and other detox methods to save your life


When I first began writing and publishing books about natural medicine, I limited my topics to the wonderful results I had reversing eye disease, since I am an ophthalmologist. As I delved more deeply into natural healing methods, I soon discovered that things are a lot simpler than the world of specialized medicine would have you believe. In many cases of chronic illness, including eye disease, the underlying cause of the disorders is very simple – heavy metal poisoning. This one disease affects all of us on the planet to some degree and can be cured by getting the lead, mercury, and other toxins out of our bodies, bones, and brains.

The process of removing heavy metals is called Chelation Therapy, and was introduced in the US for removing lead in the 1950s. It has been officially limited to this application, although all doctors involved in this field have known for a long time that it has wider application, especially in the realm of cardiovascular diseases. Finally, in 2012, the results of the first federally funded large scale, longitudinal, double-blind, placebo-controlled study –  the TACT (Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy) – demonstrated chelation’s remarkable effectiveness in reducing mortality in heart attack patients, especially in diabetic heart patients. While it is too soon to see how this information will affect treatment for circulatory disorders, the many pioneering practitioners of chelation – and their patients – are waiting for this development.

We are on the brink of a medical revolution on a par
with the discovery of penicillin.

Many of my colleagues asked me to bring the latest and now greatest news about chelation to the public as well as to the medical community at large. I interviewed a number of doctors who provide chelation treatment and asked them to describe their approach as well as their clinical results. Voila – this book – a compendium of chelation protocols, products, and spectacular cases. We will celebrate the book’s publication at the first Chelation Therapy Conference in Florida in spring, 2015. The public will be invited to learn about this remarkable, safe, effective therapy that virtually every person on the planet needs.

I know you will want to investigate chelation as a possible treatment for yourself or someone you know after reading this book. I have published the list of organizations that set the standards for chelation as well as train doctors in this method. I encourage you to locate a doctor in your area, using these referral lists, and see if you can be the next miracle case!

Edward Kondrot MD
Healing the Eye and Wellness Center
Dade City, Florida


American Academy of Environmental Medicine
(316) 684-5500

American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology.

American College for Advancement in Medicine
1.800.LEAD OUT

International College of Integrative Medicine
(419) 358-0273

Academy of Comprehensive and Integrative Medicine








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