Save your Brain and Memory! Dr. Kondrot’s New program

I have been inspired after the environmental meeting to formulate a program to help individuals with these problems. Everyday I am seeing more and more patients with brain and memory problems who could benefit from alternative treatments. We have now developed a Brain and memory  3 day boot camp program. This program will be similar to the Kondrot Program to restore Vision but now we are going to focus on the brain and memory. Most modalities I am now  using can be modified and applied to treat these brain and memory problems
Our goal, like in the eye program, is to first document baseline measures and then begin treatments and to  document positive changes. The goal will be to develop  a program for you to continue after the 5 day  training program.

Save your Brain and Memory! Dr. Kondrot’s New program

Neurological evaluation including balance, memory and cognitive functions
Testing also includes measurement of the Nerve Fiber Layer of the retina (thinning of this layer corresponds to early Alzheimer’s
Visual Evoked Potentials (Measures light conduction from the eye to the brain)
6 hour Urine Analysis
Zyto biofeedback testing for toxins

3 days of specialized treatments will include:
Microcurrent treatments
PEMF (pulse electromagnetic field therapy
Thor Cold laser therapy
Hyperbaric oxygen
Nutritional IV
IV glutathione
Oxidative Therapies
Infrared sauna
Included will be delicious organic brain food
daily lectures and evening educational movies

Customized home treatment protocol
oxidative treatments
light therapies
customized nutrition and vitamin program

New Brain and Memory Microcurrent Machine!

Click for more information on the Brain and Memory Machine!

Call the office for more information!  800-430-9328. Special discount for patients who have completed Dr. Kondrot’s Eye Program.

For Dates and to register for this program.

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