Another way of removing heavy metals- avoiding IV therapy

The Chelation Conference at St Pete Beach, FL was a tremendous success. For those of you that could not make this event before to purchase your copy of Chelation and Vital Detox Methods to Save Your Life  (Click here to order your copy)

Several things that I learned at this event which will be changing the way I approach removing  heavy metals

1st the treatment of heavy metals, especially if there are more than one toxic metal present needs to be more aggressive. Heavy toxic metals in combination increase the toxicity exponentially. For example slightly elevated lead and mercury are  more toxic than lead that is
off the chart in elevation.

Dr. John Trowbridge reported a study on the lethal dose of heavy metals in an animal study. First lets review what lethal dose or LD stands for. LD1 represents a dose of a heavy metals  that will kill 1 out of 100 rats. LD 50 represents a dose that will kill 50 out of a hundred or 50% and a LD100 will kill 100% of the rats.

Lets look at the LD1 of Mercury which will kill 1 Percent of the rats. An LD1 of lead will kill 1 % of the rats. Now what will happen when you combine an LD1 of lead and an LD1 of mercury? There should be an increase correct?  Well when you combine an LD1 of mercury and 1/20th of the LD1 of lead it kills 100% of the rats!

This study is very shocking indeed! It means that the combination of toxic metals will increase exponentially.

There was another fact that was presented that was very shocking and it supports the dangers of vaccines. According to the FDA a 1 part per billion (ppb) of mercury in a lake will make the fish unsuitable for consumption BUT the dose of mercury in the average vaccine is 56,000 ppb

An important consensus at this meeting was that before under going detoxification it is important to consider the following:

Improve nutritional state
Eliminate infections and toxic foci
Improve the function of the gut
Correct autoimmune problems
Adjust hormonal imbalances

Method to detoxify without IV EDTA chelation

Patrica Kane presented an interesting approach to remove heavy metals and detoxify the body.  I had taken her course several times in the past but only used her protocol occasionally with patients because of the cost and the protocol could only be done IV. She has now developed an oral protocol with the same benefit as the IV protocol.

This approach really appeals to me because it eliminates the need for a long course of intravenous EDTA chelation therapy. Many patients are not able to receive extensive IV therapies because of poor veins so the PK approach becomes a very viable option

The approach consists of three phases over a 6 month period

Phase one – First month
To balance the good minerals in the body. Testing is either done by a home test kit or the office Oligoscan.  Replacement minerals are taken until all deficiencies are normalized. Patricia Kane has documented that as the minerals are normalized this will help to remove heavy metals.  8 critical minerals will be tested and a customized mineral formulation will be taken for one month to balance the good minerals. In addition during this phase a gut detox program will also take place

Phase two- end of first month to the end of the 4th month. 3 months total.
Once the minerals are normalized then the process of detoxification and removal of heavy metals. This is accomplished by using  several oral products.

1) Oral  phenylbutyrate
-Used to Break up unhealthy ceramides, which are toxic to the cell, adversely affect neurological health and vision.

2)  Oral phosphatidylcholine
Used to permeate the cell membrane. Stabilize the phospholipids in the membrane. which are essential for the function of the cell and Prevent ceramide formation.

3)  Oral leucovorin
Used for proper methylation metabolism

4)  Oral  glutathione
Used for appropriate sulfation metabolism, Support methylation and sulfation

Phase three is the Membrane Stabilizing Diet- Last 2 months

1) 1 Tablespoon three times a day of  BodyBio Balance SR3 Oil

2)  Two  Tablespoons three times a day of a  Nutrient dense
High Quality Protein. Either one of these 2 products

Rose Acre Farms Egg Protein – 2 lb. container
Rose Acre Farms Super-protein Egg Protein Powder is a formula that can be added to other protein shakes or simply mixed with various smoothie components (juice, yogurt, berries, milk, and other fruits).
Collagen Protein Powder    Collagen Protein Powder – 16 oz.
Upgraded Collagen is the gold standard for achieving the fastest possible healthy tissue repair, muscle matrix, bone renewal and recovery after exercise! It can boost mental clarity, reduce inflammation, upgrade your skin, and it mixes easily with

3) Diet high in Essential Fatty Acid based oils found in
-Seeds, Nuts
-Green vegetables
-Potato French fries cooked in coconut butter

4) Membrane stabilization cook Book

Cost for this program
Including all 3 Phases over a 6 month period
includes 2 Urine test for heavy metals
Taste test and/or Oligoscan for essential minerals
All nutritional products for 6 months  $1922 Value
3 follow up exams                                  $750
2 Urine testing                                        $498
Mineral taste test                                    $125

Total investment                                     $3295

Comparable cost of IV EDTA over a 6 month period (weekly IV), urine testing and creatinine testing

Special introductory offer

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