The physiological feat of running a 26.2 marathon can be compared to treating a serious eye problem.

The physiological feat of running a 26.2 marathon can be compared to treating a serious eye problem. The difference is during a marathon you are trying to maintain your health while with an eye problem you are trying to regain it.
Let’s look at the similarities.

1) Both the marathon and a chronic eye problem are long term goals. The marathon is 26.2 miles and you have to start out slow and pace yourself. It is not a sprint. Persistence will carry you to the finish line. The treatment of chronic eye problems are like this. Regular daily treatments will slowly bring your vision to a much better level. Don’t expect to cross the finish line in one day!

2) Good Nutrition is essential. No one every finished a marathon without the proper fuel. Carbohydrate loading with pasta is the hallmark of preparation for all marathons. For your eye problem you need the right nutrients for your eye. Our 70/30 diet is our suggestion. 70% raw organic food will take your eye to the finish line of visual improvement.

3) Proper hydration can’t be neglected. Many runners do not finish because of dehydration. Same thing in treating your eye problem, proper hydration is essential for optimum cellular function and detoxification. We suggest 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water.

4) Relaxation and reducing stress is also necessary. These elements will rob the body of energy and prevent the runner from crossing the finish line. You need to reduce your stress so you reach your goal of better vision.

5) Persistence is necessary. Over 2,000 runners did not finish the Rome Marathon. I want to help you finish!

Watch this short video of my struggle to finish the Rome Marathon!

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