New vision aids!

Earl Schemrich was part of the 3 day program in March 2009. He is very enthusiastic wood- worker who had to give up his hobby because of his macular degeneration. Since using the Jordy  0501 he is back in the wood shop!  The Jody is a valuable visual ad for improving functioning vision at distance and near. I am always grateful when patients introduce me devices to help improve function.  Earl gave a demonstration on using the Jordy to the group attending the 3 day program and  patients had the opportunity to test the device. The response was very enthusiastic.

The second instrument he uses is the  Power Mag 6.5X . This device is a magnifier with a powerful light that increases the illumination of letters. How many time have I heard that if only had more light I could read. This instrument satisfies those requirements.

Click here to listen to Earl Discuss the Jordy