3 day Program 2010

3 day Programs for 2010!
We are finishing our final planning for our 2010  3 day program locations. These tentatively include Phoenix, AZ, Pittsburgh, PA, Tampa, FL and Charlotte, NC. I am very excited to bring you these breakthrough programs for treatments for eye disease. I have been offering these programs to improve visual acuity and functioning vision for over 10 years.
Who is a candidate for the 3 day program?

  • Have you been told that nothing can be done to improve your eyesight?
  • Do you want to lower your eye pressure and lesson your dependence on glaucoma medications?
  • Would you like to regain visual function to be able to read more comfortably?
  • Would you like to sharpen your vision to pass your driver’s test?

Here is what patients are saying and experienced about the Three day program

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