Special on line event! One time only! Stem cells for eye disease!
July 23, 2017
8:00 PM EDT

This event will also be broadcasted on Healthy Vision Talk Radio on station 1100 AM in Phoenix, AZ You can also listen on-line at www.1100KFNX.com

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  • How can stem cells help your vision?
  • Mistakes to avoid receiving stem cells!
  • What are the best stem cells?
  • What is the best method of delivery?
  • Who is best qualified to administer these cells?
  • What can be done to improve results?

America’s Favorite Eye Doctor on Fox News For Your Health! “Seeing The Difference In Vitamins”

Avoiding vitamins that can cause harm!

America’s Favorite Eye Doctor speaks on Leadership at West Point!

Missionary Work in Vietnam

A wonderful day helping over 100 people at the Hao Bac Eye clinic! View the video!


Stem Cells now available at the Healing the Eye Center! Click HERE to find out more!  


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3 Natural Steps to Reverse Cataracts (Without Surgery) By a former Eye Surgeon!

Here is a sample of items covered in the webinar. 

1) Can eye drops cure cataracts and what eye drops work the best?
2) Focal scurvy might be a cause of cataracts.

3) Why Cataract surgery might lead to macular degeneration and why this should be your last resort. How to prevent this if you need cataract surgery!!
5) Elevated lead is a leading cause of cataracts.

And …Much..Much.. More

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Microcurrent Medicine of the Future
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You are invited to a special webinar. Microcurrent the Medicine of the Future. More and more doctors are discovering the benefits of this remarkable therapy. Last year the New York Times Magazine devoted a feature article on the miracles of Microcurrent! I never travel without my microcurrent machine and it was key to my completing the 500 mile Camino di Santiago!

You will learn the following

  • Why microcurrent has the potential to replace the pharmaceutical industry
  • The mechanisms of why microcurrent can treat many diseases.
  • The number one use for microcurent. No it is not treating the eye.
  • Why I was so popular on the 500 mile Camino di Santiago!
  • Major researchers are now patenting microcurrent signals for commercialization! Learn what signals are felt to change the future of medicine!
  • What is the best way to learn more about microcurent and get started on your own treatments?
  • And much more!

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Congratulations Dr. Kondrot for receiving the Life Time Achievement Award!


Dr. Kondrot on October 24, 2014 received the  Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine’s Life Time Achievement Award for work in alternative therapies in the treatment of eye disease! Read More and congratulate Dr. Kondrot!


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World Premier of Martin Sheen’s Infocus at the Florida Wellness Center!



Dr. Edward Kondrot, MD, Named President of the Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association

Dr. Edward Kondrot, MD, has been named President of the board of the Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA), a 27-year-old state association for licensed homeopathic medical physicians in Arizona and in other states. Dr. Kondrot will lead the organization in its mission to promote and provide leadership in the art and practice of Licensed Homeopathic Medicine, preserve and improve the health of the people of Arizona by developing and maintaining the highest standards, represent the physician and the profession in the public forum and defend the freedom and the ability of the physician to practice medicine in the best interests of the patient.  Read the complete article!


Dr. Kondrot on CNN Report!
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5 Crucial Ways to Help Save Your Sight

10 Years in the Making, Book Helps People Overcome Vision Problems

New Homeopathic Book Interviews Top Alternative Doctors in America

Natural Health Doctor Releases New Chelation Therapy Book

World Renowned Natural Health Eye Doctor to Host Chelation Therapy Conference

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About Dr. Kondrot
Dr. Kondrot is the world’s only board certified ophthalmologist and a board certified homeopathic physician. He is author of 7 best selling books, host of the Healthy Vision radio show and sought after speaker.

Healing the Eye & Wellness Center provides proven and effective alternative and homeopathic treatments for eye conditions including macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. Dr. Kondrot’s seminars and his programs  have become the standard in alternative therapies for eye disease.