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I have been working on a special Webinar the last 6 months to review all the latest treatments and prevention of macular degeneration. There is so much new information that I want share with you. Here is a sample of items covered in the webinar.

1) How genetic testing can help you fight macular degeneration.
2) Injections for wet macular degeneration are not the best choice and should be avoided in most cases.
3) Learn simple home treatments that can strengthen your eyes.
4) What are the best omega oils to help reverse vision loss
5) What are the latest studies regarding microcurrent and macular degeneration?
6) How is your gut and digestion related to good vision?
7) A new IV protocol to reverse neurological damage.
Much much more!

Macular degeneration can be reversed!
I am putting together the final touches but would like to know, What is your biggest question regarding macular degeneration?
Please let me know so I can include this in my next Webinar that will be released on August 10, 2015!  Your questions are really important to help me make this a valuable webinar to help you.

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Congratulations Dr. Kondrot for receiving the Life Time Achievement Award!


Dr. Kondrot on October 24, 2014 received the  Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine’s Life Time Achievement Award for work in alternative therapies in the treatment of eye disease! Read More and congratulate Dr. Kondrot!

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Dr. Edward Kondrot, MD, Named President of the Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association

Dr. Edward Kondrot, MD, has been named President of the board of the Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA), a 27-year-old state association for licensed homeopathic medical physicians in Arizona and in other states. Dr. Kondrot will lead the organization in its mission to promote and provide leadership in the art and practice of Licensed Homeopathic Medicine, preserve and improve the health of the people of Arizona by developing and maintaining the highest standards, represent the physician and the profession in the public forum and defend the freedom and the ability of the physician to practice medicine in the best interests of the patient.  Read the complete article!


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About Dr. Kondrot
Dr. Kondrot is the world’s only board certified ophthalmologist and a board certified homeopathic physician. He is author of 3 best selling books, host of the Healthy Vision radio show and sought after speaker.

Healing the Eye & Wellness Center provides proven and effective alternative and homeopathic treatments for eye conditions including macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. Dr. Kondrot’s seminars and his programs  have become the standard in alternative therapies for eye disease.